A year of solidarity

Fundación MAPFRE 2017 Annual Volunteer Program Report

Fundación MAPFRE 2017 Annual Volunteer Program Report

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Social Action

Over the last ten years, our Volunteer Program has been evolving into what it is today. According to figures for 2017, we now have 7,333 volunteers in 26 countries and have carried out 1,263 volunteer activities during the year. And the most important fact: through these actions we have helped, directly and indirectly, more than 3 million people.

The objective of our Volunteer Program is precisely this: to channel the solidarity, time, efforts and enthusiasm of our volunteers into helping to improve the living conditions of those who need it most and contributing to protecting the environment.

Also part of the mission of our program is to ensure that companies, both large and small, understand that, through volunteer programs, their employees can be useful to society as a whole, apart from the work they perform in their companies.

Health, nutrition, education, the environment and emergency assistance are the five lines of action that form the pillars of the program. Through more than 180 activities related to nutrition, over 300 to do with education98 actions to benefit the environment, in excess of 500 events associated with health and over 100 extraordinary actions to offer emergency assistance as a result of natural disasters, our volunteers have helped, directly or indirectly more than three million people. Thank you for your work and commitment.

The true engine of our society and also the heart of this program, we are extremely proud of them.

In the annual report, you’ll find information specified by country and projects.

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