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A constructive view of the economic opportunities of aging populations

Ageingnomics Research Centre

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Ageingnomics is a term coined between MAPFRE and Deusto Business School; a neologism that arises from the union of the English words, aging and economics.

The aim of our Ageingnomics Research Centre is to focus on the aging of the world population and on the new scenarios that are emerging thanks to what the OECD has defined as the “silver economy”.

The economy of aging is the set of opportunities arising from the economic and social impact of the activities carried out and demanded by the population over 55 years old. Today it already represents 25% of Europe’s GDP but in 2025 it will account for 37.8% of its jobs.

The increase in life expectancy (we have currently gained fifteen extra years of life compared to our grandparents) has led to the emergence of a new stage in life which means that people between fifty and seventy, who are healthy and well prepared, can continue to work, save, create and consume. In Europe, the population between 50 and 75 years of age has 12% more purchasing power than other age groups and 40% of world consumption is already carried out by those over 65 years of age (about 7,000,000 million dollars).

In this new scenario new industries will be born to serve them and new entrepreneurs will find opportunities where no one thought there would be.

The Ageingnomics Research Centre disseminates a positive view of demographic change based on the economic and social opportunities provided by the aging of the population.