2016 Awards

A year of recognitions

Awards and recognitions received in 2016
  • ABC Health Awards 2016
    Institution: ABC Newspaper (Spain)
    Activity: Stem cell treatment in spinal cord injuries
  • APCA Trophy
    Institution: Paulista Association of Art Critics (Brazil)
    Activity: Exhibition “O triunfo da cor” (The Triumph of Color)
  • Premios AUTELSI
    Institution: The Spanish Association of Telecommunications and Information Society Users
    Activity: “Soy Cappaz”
  • Brake Fleet Safety Awards
    Institution: Brake (Great Britain)
    Activity: Goal Zero
  • Capital Arte Award
    Institution: Capital Arte Magazine (Spain)
    Activity: Photography Programming
  • COCEMFE Awards
    Institution: The Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities (Spain)
    Activity: Social Action Activities
  • Premio Conde de Latores
    Institution: Cuerpo de los Nobles Asturianos (Spain)
    Activity: Fundación MAPFRE humanitarian activities
  • Corresponsables Awards
    Institution: Corresponsables Foundation (Spain)
    Activity: “Soy Cappaz”
  • Empresariales Hacemos Málaga Awards
    Institution: Provincial Council of Malaga (Spain)
    Activity: “Accedemos” Social Employment Program
  • Destache Advertising Festival Awards
    Institution: Destache (Uruguay)
    Activity: Fire Prevention Campaigns in Uruguay
  • Ikaslan Award
    Institution: Network of Vocational Training Centers in the Basque Country (España)
    Activity: “Descubre la FP” (Discover VT)
  • Motor Institution Award / Cars of the Year
    Institution: La Vanguardia (Spain)
    Activity: Fundación MAPFRE’s track record in promoting Road Safety
  • National Prize for the Best Publication
    Institution: Ministry of Education and Culture (Spain)
    Activity: “La herencia de Cristóbal Colón. Estudio y colección documental de los mal llamados pleitos colombinos (1492-1541)”
  • Award for the Best Accident Prevention Work
    Institution: Federation of Associations of People with Physical and Organic Disability of the Community of Madrid and the Association of Technical Engineers of Madrid. (Spain)
    Activity: Fundación MAPFRE’s track record in accident prevention activities
  • Best Idea Awards 2016
    Institution: Medical Journal / Editorial Activity Unit: Track record of Fundación MAPFRE in promoting Road Safety (Spain)
    Activity: Campaign to prevent drownings on beaches and aquatic settings
  • Award for the Promotion of CSR
    Institution: COFER (Confederation of the Entrepreneurs of Ferrolterra, Eume and Ortega) (Spain)
    Activity: Juntos somos capaces (Together We Can)
    Institution: International University of La Rioja (Spain)
    Activity: “Soy Cappaz”
  • Recognition of Social Values
    Institution: Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centers (Spain)
    Activity: Educatumundo Program
  • Recognition
    Institution: Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (Spain)
    Activity: Recognition of the action taken during the Ecuador earthquake disaster
  • Recognition
    Institution: International Congress on Recovery and Employment, Mental Illness and/or Drug Dependency (Spain)
    Activity: Social Employment Program Juntos Somos Capaces (Together We Can)