2022 Awards

Young people and their future in our sights

Young people and their future in our sights
  • Seven Star Sports Award from the Community of Madrid for the promotion of sport
    Institution: Community of Madrid
    Activity: Promotion of sport
  • Recognition by APICI, the Spanish association of fire protection engineering professionals, for our 25-year collaboration, as well as for Fire Prevention Week and similar initiatives developed by Fundación MAPFRE
    Institution: APICI
    Activity: Fire Prevention Week
  • Special Aula Magna 22 Panel Award, presented by the Instituto e-Learning del Seguro, for our work involving teaching, support and the ongoing promotion of training in the insurance sector
    Institution: Instituto e-Learning del Seguro
    Activity: Training in the insurance sector (Seguros y Pensiones para Todos and CDOC)
  • Award from the young people’s business association, the Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios, for our Social Employment Project (Juntos Somos Capaces and Accedemos)
    Institution: Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios
    Activity: Juntos Somos Capaces and Accedemos