Ilse Bing's Catalog

Ilse Bing

The exhibition Ilse Bing offered a complete overview of the career of this photographer who is difficult to classify according to the movements or trends that inspired her. Her work spanned all genres, from portraiture and self-portraiture to everyday objects, street scenes, landscape and architectural photography, but she did so with a stylistic diversity that reflects her personal and valuable reading of the diverse cultural currents with which she interacted: Parisian surrealism, the German inspiration of the New Objectivity and the Bauhaus and, finally, the inexhaustible dynamism of the New York metropolis.

This catalog brings together the photographs that made up the ten sections of the exhibition: “Discovering the world through a camera: the beginnings”, “The life of still lifes”, “The dancing body and its circumstances”, “The bustle of the street: the French Years”, “Lights and Shadows of Modern Architecture”, “The Seduction of Fashion”, “The United States in Two Stages”, “Revelations of the Self-Image”, “Nature Alive”, and “Portrait of Time”.