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La desmaterialización de la escultura

Julio González-Pablo Picasso. The dematerialization of sculpture

This catalog was published in connection with the exhibition Julio González, Pablo Picasso and the dematerialization of sculpture, organized in collaboration with the Musée National Picasso-Paris.

Traditionally, art historiography has considered the joint work of Pablo Picasso and Julio Gonzalez as the moment in which iron sculpture was “invented” and, therefore, when abstraction was introduced into sculpture. However, and for the first time, the exhibition showed how this fact, one of the fundamental milestones in the international art of the 20th century, was not something isolated and unique, but the consequence of a process that “responded to an impulse of transparency and dematerialization that shook, in different ways, the artistic creation of the late twenties and early thirties”. Its 380 pages offer a new approach to the creative collaboration between the two artists.