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On the outskirts of Lima 2,000 children will have access to a better future

CESAL offers children and adolescents education to break free from a life of dispair

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Current Project

There are many children living on an income which is too low to meet their needs. This is the situation in most of the families living in the towns of Huachipa, Nievería, Cajamarquilla and Licamarca on the outskirts of Lima. Everything is lacking in these areas. There are no public services, houses do not have the minimum sanitary conditions and respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, tuberculosis and malnutrition devastate the population here, especially the children.

Living in these conditions, it is difficult to give opportunities for education. A large percentage of children under 18 cannot read or write. The school delay rate reaches 20% and illiteracy almost touches 8%. Both factors have a decisive impact on the employability of young people who are forced to continue working in unstable jobs found in their environment. As for the girls, the situation is, if possible, worse. They are relegated to doing housework.

The Alecrim Child Care Center, CESAL promotes the educational and social development of children in these areas; for preschool children, educational and nutrition activities are developed; school and leisure activities are also offered for primary and secondary school children, also involving their parents; and for adolescents, mainly social, vocational and entrepreneurship training activities are carried out.

CESAL offers quality education to the children in the community, focusing on learning the basics for their development: autonomy, self-esteem, personal care, critical thinking, thoughtfulness, sciences and creativity, etc.