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Manos Unidas empowers women victims of sexual exploitation

Almost one thousand women benefit from this project

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Completed Project

Manos Unidas, in collaboration with Fundación MAPFRE, has launched this project which seeks to protect the rights of women at risk and victims of prostitution and sex trafficking and also helps them with their financial and personal empowerment.

The project has a number of different aspects such as prevention, strengthening of technical work skills in order to empower the beneficiaries economically and tools to help them overcome these experiences.

The project also involves helping to strengthen the skills of local institutions, in order to ensure the proper follow-up of their rights. Training and awareness-raising among young men on trafficking and different forms of gender-based violence, as well as on exercising and defending women’s rights, are also carried out as a preventive measure.

Manos Unidas is a development NGO made up of volunteers, founded in 1960. It works to combat hunger, nutritional deficiencies, extreme poverty, illness, underdevelopment and a lack of education due to injustice, the unfair distribution of goods and opportunities among people and populations, ignorance, prejudice, a lack of solidarity, indifference and a crisis of human values.