Medical centers and care homes benefit from our support in Nicaragua

We are helping the most vulnerable groups to fight COVID-19

Ayudamos a los colectivos más vulnerables frente a la COVID-19 Ayudamos a los colectivos más vulnerables frente a la COVID-19

We are firmly committed to the fight against coronavirus in Nicaragua, where we are supporting the health system and protecting both medical teams and senior citizens, the two groups that are being hardest-hit by the virus.

We are collaborating in the extension of the AMOCSA Hospital through the lease of the San Martin de Porres surgical center for three months to care for patients with coronavirus. The aim of this initiative is to protect patients admitted for other diseases from being infected by the virus. The capacity of the health services is also being enlarged to avoid a breakdown in services if there is a sudden surge in COVID-19 cases.

We are offering protection to healthcare workers by supplying them with personal protection equipment to minimize their exposure to the virus while treating patients. This donation is channeled through Asociación Médica Nicaragüense (Nicaraguan Medical Association) which is responsible for establishing the appropriate health protocols and delivering consumables to healthcare professionals.

We are also supporting senior citizens, the population group most badly affected by COVID-19. We are supplying medical material and hygiene and cleaning products to ten care homes in the northern, western and central areas of the country to help protect them against the pandemic. The 399 seniors and 132 administrative workers and support staff at the centers of San Francisco, Santa Lucía, San Vicente de Paúl - Jinotega, San Antonio, Fray Francisco Domínguez, Santa Eduviges, San Vicente de Paúl - Boaco, San Pedro, La Purísima and Casa Hogar la Providencia will be provided with enhanced protection against the virus for two months.

The donation includes alcohol, antiseptic solutions, protective equipment, thermometers, soap, disposable towels and diapers, saline solutions and water to maintain the optimum levels of hygiene and disinfection and hence prevent disease.

We are putting all our resources at the service of the people of Nicaragua.

Supporting those who are most in need, now more than ever.