We are all called to action

Learn more about our emergency measures to help fight COVID-19

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority has been to support and protect the most vulnerable people, those who are most socially exposed, and those who are fighting the virus on the front line. Fundación MAPFRE is collaborating with society by adapting our programs to help where help is most needed. We have mobilized extraordinary resources to better protect people against the virus, to support the most disadvantaged population groups, and to help us to come through this crisis with the lowest possible impact.

In the report A challenge, a hope we tell you about the actions we have carried out in 27 countries to which we have allocated 45 million euros.

Our efforts focus on four key areas of action:

  • Support for the CSIC research team: We have donated 5 million euros to support the different projects currently underway to understand the behavior of the virus and speed up the development of a vaccine.
  • Purchase of medical supplies: To help fight the pandemic and protect healthcare personnel, senior citizen care staff, and everyone involved in working with high-risk groups, we are organizing the purchase of medical supplies, personal protective equipment and ventilators. We also aim to support the installation of emergency medical units and field hospitals, and we are promoting the roll-out of PCR diagnostic tests to identify COVID-19. We are earmarking 20 million euros for these actions, which will be distributed among the countries in which we operate.
  • Urgent healthcare actions: High-risk groups such as seniors, healthcare workers and people in the most vulnerable situations are in need of protection and economic and psychological support. This section details our initiatives to support society in the fight against COVID-19.
  • Extraordinary aid for LATAM. In view of the serious economic situation being caused by the coronavirus crisis in Latin America, Fundación MAPFRE has mobilized an extraordinary fund of 10 million euros to combat poverty and inequality in the region’s countries. With this line of extraordinary aid for Latin America, we aim to continue rolling out a total of 62 projects in 18 countries.

The coronavirus is oblivious to countries and borders. The whole world is facing a situation in which solidarity and unity are our most effective weapons.

Together we are stronger, we stop this virus together.