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Sponsorship in collaboration with the Fundación Tengo Hogar

Sponsorship in collaboration with the Fundación Tengo Hogar Sponsorship in collaboration with the Fundación Tengo Hogar

Suddenly a person loses their job and their family were relying on this one wage coming in. Or both wages supporting the family are lost. In either of these cases, suddenly we cannot afford to put the heating on or feed our children. These people who do not have any other source of income other than their work suddenly find themselves heading towards near irreversible social exclusion and destitution. This is where Fundación Tengo Hogar, together with Fundación MAPFRE, can step in to try to alleviate the situation and assist these families until they can once again support themselves.


We want all of your contribution to go directly and quickly to those who need it. Without any fees. Without letting anything get in the way.To this end, Fundación MAPFRE pays the management fees and Fundación Tengo Hogar receives your full contribution.

This personalized comprehensive sponsorship program for vulnerable families is carried out by the Community of Madrid and is helping 60 families who are currently facing very difficult circumstances. This program comprises of a personalized set of actions designed to help the family integrate back into society again. The Fundación Tengo Hogar's philosophy is based on a comprehensive and personalized approach to dealing with the situation and provides support for the vulnerable household during a 2-year period. It is called effective solidarity, and we want to work together with them. The program is carried out voluntarily by professionals with diverse training who have chosen to contribute to this cause by dedicating their time, supported by the selfless donations of companies and the public who feel it is necessary to give something back to society and help those who are the least protected.  Commitment to the cause is crucial, given that the help that is provided is down to the commitment of volunteers and donors.

In 2018, thanks to your solidarity we have handed over nearly €15,000 to the Fundación Tengo Hogar and one particularly generous person has provided furniture for the families' apartments. However, there are still so many people in need of our help.

We are continuing our collaboration with Fundación Tengo Hogar in 2019. Help us and contribute, your donation is vital to maintaining and expanding the program. More than 60 people need our help.

Because we are people who want to change the world.