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We promote the integration of people with disabilities

Together We'll Succeed Together We'll Succeed

Fundación MAPFRE organizes sporting activities throughout Spain in collaboration with the Spanish Special Olympics Foundation for people with intellectual disabilities.

The Spanish Special Olympics Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1991 as a platform to promote and develop sport for people with intellectual disabilities with the aim of improving their quality of life. The Foundation currently comprises around 16,000 sportspeople and 4,500 trainers and volunteers who take part in 16 different sports.

The sporting events we organize are geared towards specific disciplines and physical activities for people with impaired mobility and greater intellectual challenges. These activities are inspired by the founding principles of the Special Olympics Movement to help everyone with a recognized intellectual disability to fully integrate in society, on an equal footing with other citizens, so that they are accepted, respected and enjoy the same opportunities for personal, physical and intellectual growth.

Our programs seek the participation of the following collectives:

  • Volunteers: MAPFRE employees.
  • Sportspeople: People with intellectual disabilities with higher support needs.
  • Trainers: Volunteers and professionals from the intellectual disability sector who work in centers, associations and sports clubs involved in local and/or regional Special Olympics programs.

Our objective is to guarantee access to sport for people with intellectual disabilities who have the fewest opportunities to practice sport and attend major social and sporting events.

Our activities are organized in accordance with the different Spanish sports federations and private sports and health clubs. We establish regular training programs, regional meetings and national meetings, working in three areas:

  • Organization of local sports activities, regional meetings and an annual national event.
  • Organization of a corporate volunteering program.
  • Involvement of experts through the program for training motor skills instructors.

Regional Meetings

Every Regional Motor Skills Test meeting involves performing a series of basic sporting and physical activities:

  1. Movement: Athletics
  2. Puck passing: Hockey
  3. Ball catching: Basketball
  4. Throwing into a basket: Basketball
  5. Precision throwing: Athletics
  6. Goal shooting: Football – Handball
  7. Rackets and balls: Table tennis
  8. Dynamic balance: Gymnastics
  9. Movements with different supports: Gymnastics
  10. Bowling: Petanque – Bowls

The regional meeting activities are done over the course of one day.

National Meeting

This is a three-day event which includes side events to the competition.

How to participate:

  • As an athlete: you should be registered with any local and/or regional Special Olympics program in the Autonomous Community where the training and regional events are held. Registration through the local/regional program.
  • As a corporate volunteer: you should be over 18 and available to do volunteer tasks during the regional and/or national events. Registration in response to calls issued by Fundación MAPFRE.
  • As a trainer: you should be involved in one or more local and/or regional Special Olympics programs. Registration through the local/regional program. Together We'll Succeed - Programs – Autonomous Communities..