Safe and healthy mobility

Avoid traffic accidents through good health

We must also look after our health while on the road We must also look after our health while on the road play

The purpose of our international program Doctors for Road Safety is to help prevent domestic, sports, recreational and traffic accidents through medical advice. The main objective of this initiative is for doctors, during their consultations, to raise the awareness of their patients and the public at large of the important relationship between road safety, wellbeing and quality of life, as well as the need to promote accident prevention. It is essential that the general public is made aware of how diseases, their symptoms and their treatment can pose a risk to road safety, whether as pedestrians or drivers.

To support doctors in their daily work and preventative efforts, we have created a website in which we provide them with the most wide-ranging and comprehensive reference material which encompasses psycho-physical states, treatments, prevention and road safety. It is an effective reference tool with a practical application, with articles, clinical cases, and news items to keep them up-to-date. We also include very simple, graphic fact sheets that they can download, print and distribute during their consultations.

The website has a section on video-advice where doctors give information by means of a brief, friendly and direct message about a specific topic that might affect road safety, with an emphasis on risk prevention advice.

This program is one more step on the road to our objective to prevent more accident victims. Help us to save lives.