Fundación MAPFRE's 2017 Solidarity Market

Raising thousands of smiles!

Feria Solidaria Fundación MAPFRE Feria Solidaria Fundación MAPFRE play

The Christmas period is ideal for enjoying time with the family, but not everybody is that fortunate. That is why we organize this event with the aim of amplifying the voice of small organizations that undertake projects in the interests of working towards equal opportunities for all.

A priority for us is to encourage solidarity with groups at risk of social exclusion, groups that are often much closer to home than we might imagine. We believe that, between all of us, we can generate an impact to transform the inequality suffered by so many people nowadays into a world of opportunities.

One of the best ways of contributing to a good cause was by coming along to our Feria Solidaria. At this event, you could help the 22 charitable organizations with which we identify ourselves, so that you had first hand knowledge of the projects to which your contributions will go towards. You could also eat in our large gourmet zone aimed at the whole family, with food to suit all tastes. 

Your generosity has repercussions in society, and part of that gift is being aware of the results of the incalculable value of your charitable actions. That is why your contributions were totally transparent: you bought from the stands of the collaborating organizations that you feel most identified with, and you knew exactly who will benefit from your contribution and how it was used.

This initiative is made possible thanks to the participation of our volunteers. It's also thanks to the collaborating organizations, as well as to the generosity and commitment of employees, family members, and Fundación MAPFRE collaborators.

Our Feria Solidaria translates into thousands of smiles because you help us to make it happen.

Every little helps and we look forward to seeing you!

#MásdeMilSonrisas #MásdeMilSonrisas


Buying a solidarity article or enjoying a snack in our gourmet area at the Feria Solidaria goes much further than being just a purchase: with that gesture you will be helping to raise more than a thousand smiles among those in most need.

We appreciate that it involves an economic effort, but we also know you are aware that with just a small contribution, many families in genuine need will have the opportunity to improve their lives.

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Activities for everybody Activities for everybody

Activities for everybody

We offer the most amazing activities for the entire family! As well as being able to buy at the stands of the beneficiary organizations and to enjoy our gourmet area, which is bound to impress, we have put together some activities that can't fail to grab your interest.

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Meet the beneficiary organizations Meet the beneficiary organizations

Meet the beneficiary organizations

The organizations taking part in the Feria Solidaria will be selling their solidarity items individually from their stands, so you can find out exactly who you are supporting and the cause to which the money from your purchase will go.

With just a small gesture you will be ensuring that shelters, soup kitchens, clothes and food banks, etc. will continue to be feasible. Play your part in improving the living conditions of thousands of people!

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