Activities for everybody

Accident prevention and road safety is essential for us

Activities for everybody Activities for everybody

We had lined up the best possible activities for the whole family through which, in addition to enjoying yourselves, you pickes up on some Accident Prevention and Road Safety tips. We had the support of the Fire Service along with members of the Traffic Division of the Guardia Civil as part of our Road Safety Education RV project…

Drowning Prevention

We are spreading the word about DROWNING PREVENTION

Become familiar with our Drowning Prevention activity aimed at the whole family and adopt behavior that will avoid risky situations in the water! And, should an emergency occur, know exactly how to react. We think it important to get over to everybody, especially youngsters, guidelines for preventing drowning, and we would like to do this by linking this activity to a fun game in which boys and girls will paint T-shirts with their accident prevention messages. We look forward to seeing you!

A special thank you to the Blue Flag and the Research Group into Aquatic Activities and Life-Saving at the University of A Coruña for their collaboration.

Prevention Park

In our ACCIDENT PREVENTION PARK we will show you how to anticipate an emergency situation and how to react

Our Prevention Park uses a dynamic method to teach you what to do in the event of a fire! The park covers 400 m2 and is flooded with harmless smoke in order to teach the entire family how to go about organizing an evacuation. Also, firefighters were waiting for you outside and you learnt the importance of having a smoke detector installed at home. Don't miss it!

Thanks to the Fire Departments of: Alcorcón, Autonomous Community of Madrid and Fuenlabrada and Ei-Electronics for their collaboration.

Road Safety Education RV

Come and have a great time at our ROAD SAFETY EDUCATION RV

If you have any children between 8 and 12 years old, they werw going to just love our Road Safety Education RV! We had prepared a go-kart circuit through which youngsters learnt to avoid risky behavior, remember the correct way to conduct themselves and the importance of traffic signals. And all this driving go-karts where safety is the prime concern!

Thank you to the Traffic Division of the Guardia Civil for their involvement in this project!

Get your diploma as junior firefighter and professional rescuer

Get your diploma as junior firefighter, professional rescuer or junior Guardia Civil!

One of the star activities, directed at boys and girls, is being awarded a diploma as a firefighter, professional rescuer and/or junior Guardia Civil.

Every child can take an indelible memory away with them.

We are waiting for you with all these activities and much more!