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A 100% interactive tool for the prevention of accidental injuries

A Safe Virtual World

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In our virtual world there is a city with houses and streets where players need to discover the hidden risks; there is a Expopark where you can take a walk while learning to avoid risks, and a Gallery that offers a multimedia way of learning about risk prevention.

Thanks to fully interactive technology you can enter our Home, take a virtual walk through all its rooms and also go outside, identifying dangerous situations indoors, on the street and in the garden. Learn about the everyday objects to be careful with in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. And learn how to behave responsibly in the swimming pool and in the countryside.

In addition, you can walk through our Gallery, where you will find videos, animations and different resources for learning to prevent risky situations in your everyday life. And if you visit the Expopark, you’ll enter the world of risk prevention and safe, healthy and sustainable mobility without even having to leave home.

To develop this fantastic world we used state-of-the-art tools such as 3DS Max, Vray, and Reallusion, among others, and Latecnocreativa for the creation of objects, people and spaces. Today, thanks to the efforts made with technology and content, our Safe Virtual World is at your disposal so you can discover that it is possible to learn how to prevent risks while still having fun.

Entering our Virtual World is a unique experience – a window to the future that will show you how to avoid accidental injuries.

Play with your family – enter our Safe Virtual World!