One year growing together

Fundación MAPFRE Annual Volunteer Report 2020

Fundación MAPFRE Annual Volunteer Report 2019

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Social Action

Groups at risk of exclusion, senior citizens, children, adolescents… Our volunteers are where they are most needed. Their goal is to offer direct help to those who suffer, to people who are having a hard time, to those who have no opportunities. And they do so through specific actions that make a difference. With these initiatives our volunteers not only offer selfless help, but also grow as individuals and reinforce their moral values.

The activities are encompassed in five fundamental pillars in line with our fields of action: healthnutritioneducationenvironment and emergency assistance.

This Report includes a summary of their actions so you can find out everything they have achieved in each of the 28 countries in which Fundación MAPFRE is present. Throughout 2020, more than 250 activities focused on health, more than 470 activities in nutrition, more than 100 activities to make education a driver for change, 25 actions of aid in emergencies, and more than 90 actions that affect and impact more than one line of action.

Our volunteers work every day to make this world more humane. We are proud of their work and of having succeeded in improving the lives of almost 170,000 people.

We want to keep growing together.