We are celebrating Europe Day

Our commitment to European values keeps us working hard so that no one is left behind

Our commitment to the people of Europe keeps us moving forward, making sure that no one is left behind

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Spain’s Transformation within the European Union

Spain has undergone a major transformation since its entry into the European Union, in economic, cultural and social terms. This is the statement made by Antonio Huertas, President of Fundación MAPFRE, who, in the video we have prepared to mark Europe Day, also analyzes the role that Fundación MAPFRE plays in this change.

We channel our commitment to Europe’s message by working hard to strengthen human rights, gender equality and diversity, and to foster solidarity, promoting access to resources to reduce inequalities between peoples and individuals.

Fundación MAPFRE boosting rural development in Spain

Spain’s rural areas cover 85% of the country and are home to almost 8 million people. Fundación MAPFRE, as an intermediary body of the European Social Fund Plus, is committed to developing our rural environment. Over the coming years, the +Rural grants will be used to finance a number of projects aimed at stimulating employment and improving socio-health care among the most vulnerable groups.

Our participation in the European Social Fund Plus is a further step in the actions we have been developing to improve the quality of life of our society and, in particular, of the most vulnerable individuals.

Today we invite you to celebrate the unity of Europe and to convey the message that by working together we can move forward, making sure that no one is left behind.

Happy Europe Day!

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