No home without a Christmas dinner

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This was no easy task. Preparing, packing, storing and getting 30,000 meals to their destinations in time for Christmas Eve involved a huge coordination and organizational effort.

Fundación MAPFRE was responsible not just for procuring all the necessary ingredients but also for logistics. Being able to rely on the support of our volunteers made it possible to achieve our goal.

For storage, we managed to acquire three refrigerated trailers which were parked on 24 December in the Wanda Metropolitano football stadium in Madrid, where we set up five distribution points for social organizations to bring their vans to collect the meals.

These organizations were responsible for choosing the beneficiaries: especially vulnerable households who in many cases had lost jobs during the pandemic or seen their incomes drastically reduced as a result of the health crisis. Thanks to these organizations, we had the assurance of knowing we were directly reaching the people genuinely in need.

The operation was meticulously organized and before midday everything had been distributed. Once again, our own volunteers and the WCK team demonstrated their outstanding commitment.

Together we are stronger.