Food safety

Food safety at home

Food safety at home

While at home these days you are being particularly careful disinfecting the house, mainly surfaces, knobs and everything we touch when coming back from shopping. You’re being careful because of the coronavirus, but you mustn’t let down your guard about the precautions you should always take so food doesn’t go off that could cause you food poisoning. To avoid problems we suggest you follow these instructions:

  • Always look at the expiry and use by dates: the first one tells you the date it is safe to consume the product by. You must not consume expired products. As for the use by date, it refers to properties such as smell, taste, etc. The product is still safe if you have stored it properly.
  • Be careful with eggs: always make sure they are well cooked. Avoid raw eggs and homemade sauces (mayonnaise), custard cream, etc.
  • Do not keep food at room temperature for more than two hours.
  • If you are going to preserve food, store it in the fridge in a closed container as soon as possible and use it within three or four days.
  • Place foods with a best before or expiry date in an easy to access place in the fridge.  You will avoid risks and food waste.
  • Be very careful with hygiene: wash your hands thoroughly before handling food, do not mix utensils or surfaces for cutting or handling raw and cooked foods.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consumption, especially if you are going to eat them raw. You can use water with a spoonful of food bleach. Wash them before peeling.
  • Do not refreeze any food already defrosted, and consume it as soon as possible.
  • Cook meat, fish, seafood and eggs with extra care.

If you follow these tips to improve your food safety you can avoid problems, especially these days as we are cooking at home every day.

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