Give yourself a break

Relaxation is essential for well-being

Relaxation is essential for well-being

Relaxation is a natural state of body and mind in which we find true rest, while regulating our metabolism, heart rate and breathing, letting go muscle or psychological tensions that have accumulated over time, giving us a pleasant and positive feeling.

However, our fast pace of life and the exceptional circumstances we are living in, make it difficult to feel calm. To help you relax, here are some simple guidelines to help you:

  • Let your shoulders relax. When we are anxious and stressed, we tend to lift our shoulders and build up tension.
  • Concentrate on relaxing a specific part of your body.
  • Breath slowly and deeply.
  • Repeat to yourself reassuring phrases like “everything is fine and calm”, “stay calm”.
  • Get into a position where you feel comfortable.
  • Dim the lights in your room.
  • Think of nice things or look at images that make you feel good.;
  • Create a calm atmosphere.

Practice every day, at first it seems difficult but, if you let yourself go, you will gradually release tension and manage to relax.

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