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We all tend to think of our home as a refuge, a place where we are safe from any danger. But this is very often not the case in reality. According to figures from the WHO, some 90 percent of children’s injuries worldwide are due to unintentional accidents and around 830,000 children die each year from their injuries, around 2,300 per day.

Fundación MAPFRE is convinced that many of these domestic accidents can be avoided. Given that most accidents and injuries occur as a result of mistaken human actions, one of the goals of prevention is to teach people to act safely at all times. Prevention must be aimed at instilling safe behavior.

Safety education should begin in childhood. The result of teaching children how to be safe is safe adults. This is why we have created the materials that we are presenting to you here.

Welcome to Fundación MAPFRE’s Virtual City! To help you recognize and learn to avoid risks, we have created an interactive virtual home in which we have “hidden” a series of dangers so that children and adults can play at finding them. You can take a virtual walk through all the rooms in the house and also outside, identifying dangerous situations in the streets and the countryside. Situations range from the things you need to be careful about in the home, such as in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, etc. to how to behave in swimming pools and out in the country. This is a fun and highly educational experience for everyone, with directions and advice that you can read and listen to. Play it with your family and teach them how to protect themselves!