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We think that we live in a world without any risks, in which we feel safe from any danger. But often this is not the reality. According to WHO data, worldwide 90% of children’s injuries are due to unintentional accidents and about 830,000 children die each year from injuries, meaning about 2,300 each day.

At Fundación MAPFRE we are convinced that many of these incidents can be avoided. Given that the majority of injuries and accidents occur as a result of improper human actions, one of the objectives of prevention is to educate people on how to act safely at all times. Prevention must be aimed at achieving safe behavior.

Safety education must start in childhood. By teaching children to be safe, we will have safe adults.

To ensure that children and young people know what risks they are exposed to and how to act when they are faced with them, we invite you to get to know Fundación MAPFRE’s Virtual world, a tool for the whole family. Find out about our sustainable and educational city, a safe virtual environment where you can discover hidden risks, and we will help you learn to avoid them and how to act in the event of an unwanted event. Enter a 100% interactive world that promotes learning and improves visual awareness and spatial navigation.

In our fantastic fictional city you will find fun, learning and entertainment wherever you are. Play with your family, teach them to protect themselves!