Avoid the blind spots of other vehicles

Blind spots or also known as blind spots

We have already spoken about blind spots, those areas around the vehicle which remain invisible to the driver either directly or in the rear-view mirrors.

The fact is, you should always take your blind spots into account, make sure you look once, twice or as many times as you need to before turning, either directly by turning your head or by making suitable use of the rear-view mirrors.

But it is also important to take the blind spots of the other vehicles into account. You may find yourself within this area, especially if you’re on a moped or a scooter, smaller vehicles which can easily get lost in these blind spots.

For this reason you should pay attention to the vehicles in the lanes next to yours (left and/or right) and slightly in front of you. In this area, it may be that you are an invisible motorcycle and cannot be seen by the diver of that vehicle who may make a turning without having used the rear-view mirrors appropriately.

When you are running parallel to a vehicle, try to place yourself slightly in front of the driver’s position so that you are in his or her direct field of vision. If that’s not possible, fall behind the vehicle so if it suddenly changes lane you are not in the way and cause a collision.

It also helps if you drive slightly over to one side of the lane and not down the middle, since this way you will be visible in the driver’s side mirror and the driver will be able to see you. Even so, don’t trust it a hundred percent, just because you’re visible it doesn’t mean the driver has looked in the mirror and knows you’re there.

When this situation arises with long vehicles like trucks and buses, try not to drive in parallel, because if it turns unexpectedly, when you brake it may not be enough for it to overtake you without hitting you. Keep a safe distance and always overtake them fluidly so as not to remain in their blind spots.