Going between cars in the city is not a good idea

Go between cars in the city with your motorcycle? Doesn't seem like a good idea


I think that a scooter or a motorcycle is the best option to get to work comfortably and quickly. I also avoid using a car and running into traffic jams in the morning and the evening.

A few weeks ago, I was riding my scooter to work and, like always, I made the most of the small size of the scooter to go between the cars and gain time and distance.

During one maneuver, while I was going between two cars, one of them changed lanes. Luckily, the other car stopped in time, but the car that was changing lanes hit me and pushed me forward, throwing me to the ground. I was going pretty fast, 50 kph, and the impact was pretty hard. I fractured several bones in my arm. Now I have to have surgery and hope that they treat me as well as possible.

Second chance:

One of the perks of the motorcycle is that its size makes it an agile and very effective vehicle in the unbearable traffic of the city. As our protagonist says, scooters and motorcycles are ideal vehicles for finding a hole between the rest of the vehicles.

Nevertheless, this behavior must be taken under consideration for obvious safety reasons. The law is not very clear either with regard to motorcycles driving between cars; it only allows this when the rest of the vehicles are stopped (at a stoplight, for example) or when speeds are reasonably low, which is highly subjective and grounds for sanction according to the opinion of the security officer in each case.

In first place, it should be stated that the decision to go between cars should be a last resort and, if you are going to do it, you must make sure that the rest of the vehicles are stopped (or almost stopped). Leave a large enough safe distance on either side to react to an unexpected event. Finally, your speed must be very low, precisely so that your reaction and that of the motorcycle is as effective as possible.

In the example that we are discussing today, it seems clear that our protagonist was going too fast at 50 kph, and that leads us to believe that the other vehicles were also going too fast for him to pass by driving between the cars. We should also add that the safe distance was not proportional to the speed at the time. Next time, it would be better to think twice before driving between the cars and to keep these factors in mind.