Unsuitable footwear for motorcycles

Do you know which is the best footwear to drive your motorcycle safely?


I normally use my scooter to go to work in the city and I also find it very useful for going between my house and the beach when I’m on vacation. To tell the truth, that’s when I’m pretty relaxed and don’t take certain precautions. To begin, with my clothing. I do use an approved helmet and I put gloves on, but sometimes I don’t wear long pants and a bike jacket with protection due to the heat.

Once I even went with flip flops to be more comfortable, which was a really bad decision. When I went to put my foot down on a crosswalk, it slipped out a bit from my flip flop and when I put my foot on the ground, I slipped. The result was me falling on the ground and the bike slid a few meters on the ground, just like I did. As well as hurting my foot, I also hurt my arm pretty bad when it scraped on the road.

Second chance:

Nowadays there is a large variety of footwear for motorcycles for different seasons of the year. By using one of them, in first place we would have avoided the slip. The sole of motorcycle boots or shoes tends to be made from a very adherent material. This provides us much more safety when putting a foot on the ground. Without a doubt, our protagonist would have had much less possibilities of slipping and falling had he worn suitable footwear. Even so, it’s highly recommendable to also wear a jacket, pants and gloves to be protected against scrapes with the road and other collisions in the event of contact with the ground falling a fall.