My Motorcycle to the Ground: How do I Pick up my Motorcycle?

Tips to lift our motorcycle if it falls to the ground
A motorcycle, however light it may be, is significantly heavy. As a result, it is not easy to pick it up using brute force if we have the bad luck of it falling to the ground. It is easier for us to hurt our back or any other part of the body, running the risk of it falling to the ground again, causing new injuries and faults in the motorcycle, specifically if they are heavy motorcycles with high cylinder capacity.

If we have fallen when riding the motorcycle, the first thing to do is take the necessary safety measures to keep from being hit or run over. We should then turn off the engine so it does not keep running in this position for which it is not prepared. In this way we prevent breakdowns that could result from this strange position for the engine and the rest of the components of the motorcycle.

From here, relax and look around you for someone who can help you. One (or more) hand(s) never does harm… Nevertheless, the technique for picking up the motorcycle does not change. Before performing this operation to pick up the motorcycle, you should take into account if you have any prior back pain or injury. Making this effort will never be beneficial to your health. If you do, forget about it and wait for other people to pick up the motorcycle.

We Start to Pick up the Motorcycle

When starting to pick up the motorcycle, the two wheels will touch the ground but we run the risk of the motorcycle starting to roll. To prevent this, remember to engage a gear. If the motorcycle fell to the right, it is also best to leave the kickstand down to keep it from falling to the opposite side. If the situation is the opposite, we should be more careful when straightening the motorcycle to keep it from overcoming us.

As a last measure before starting to pick it up, we advise you to clear the ground to keep from you or the motorcycle wheels from slipping. It is sufficient to slightly remove any gravel.

Now we start to pick up the motorcycle. Stand with your back facing the motorcycle on the side that fell and kneel, sitting on the seat and holding onto the handlebar grip touching the ground with one hand. Hold onto a fixed element that cannot hurt us when moving the motorcycle with the other hand. The ideal would to be hold onto a handle or luggage rack.

Once in position, push backward, only applying force with the legs and not with the back. You will notice that the motorcycle can be picked up easily without overexerting yourself. When the motorcycle reaches an inclination of more or less 45 degrees, reposition the feet to continue lifting without a lot of effort.

When the motorcycle is more or less vertical, you can let it slightly fall toward the other side so that it rests on the kickstand. If it is on the same side on which it fell, keep the motorcycle vertical and simply use your foot to remove the kickstand before letting go of the motorcycle and changing position.

We hope that you do not have to perform this operation many times but take note of this easy, comfortable and safe technique.