Motorcycles in the City: Be Careful With Unexpected Events

The motorcyclist is, along with pedestrians and cyclists, one of the most vulnerable groups
The motorcyclist is, along with pedestrians and cyclists, one of the most vulnerable groups talked about in road safety. It is in the city too, an especially hostile environment since a large amount of vehicles accumulate in different situations.

However, there is not a better vehicle to move through the city than the motorcycle. Its dimensions and dynamic reinforce the motorcycle and scooter as a wonderful vehicle for individual transportation in the big city. Nevertheless, we are going to remember certain unexpected dangers that driving a motorcycle in the urban environment entails:

  • Passing between cars: Even though it is a common and accepted practice (with the other vehicles stopped or going slowly), we can run into lane changes or sudden appearances of other vehicles and pedestrians between cars. This practice is hardly recommended but, if done, precaution must be exercised and it must be done at a very low speed.
  • Public transportation: Precisely, when passing and driving between cars in traffic, it must be kept in mind that passengers can get off of buses and taxis.
  • Car doors: When passing close to parked and moving cars, they sometimes surprise us by opening the car door in which case hitting it cannot be avoided. Stay a safe distance away from the sides and think that the other could make decisions without checking to see if you are coming up from behind.
  • Inappropriate speed: In urban areas the speed is less than on the highway but it can continue to be very high when talking about a collision. The slower we go, the easier it is for the driver to react in the event of an unexpected event.
  • Obstacles: potholes, speed bumps, slippery paint or any other object that you could come into contact with on the road and did not expect to do so can be the reason you lose control of your motorcycle. Pay attention to your surroundings.