The National Day of the Motorcycle, Every Second Sunday in June

The Congress of Deputies officially approves the National Motorcycle Day

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Traditionally there were gatherings, demonstrations and rallies related to the motorcycle that, on occasion, were used for motorcyclists to make claims for safety or other needs.

Currently, institutions are those that moved ahead upon officially confirming the National Day of the Motorcycle which was set on the second Sunday in June.

The initiative was approved in the Parliament by a non-legislative motion presented by the Popular Party and unanimously supported by the Committee on Road Safety and Sustainable Transportation.

What is achieved with the National Day of the Motorcycle? Motorcyclists hope that this day becomes an annual holiday for socially asserting the needs of motorcyclists. In this way, it is hoped to urge the Government and other institutions to take into account motorcycle and scooter riders so they better contribute to improving the road safety of these vehicles.

Holding this day, also held in other countries, it is hoped to encourage good motorcycle driving practices and regulations that encourage their use. We hope it will have that result.