Learn about the projects and programs that Fundación MAPFRE has in Mexico

Each year, our commitment to Mexico grows. Our dedication to improving the lives of children takes the form of volunteer activities that have benefited more than 40,000 people directly. These include the Road education caravan through different Mexican cities, in which more than 26,000 students participated, and the tour of the comedy Payasos en Peligro (Clowns in Danger) in the State of Chihuahua, which more than 43,000 students have attended. All this, and much more, formed part of our social programs.

Regarding our publications, the Retirement Guide – Mexico and our study Mexican opinions on the pension system, among others stand out. Noteworthy among our seminars is “bugaMAP no Vida” workshop. There was also the 2nd Solidarity Bazaar, with the participation of 23 social organizations and small production companies.