Social Projects in Mexico

We support the UP IPADE Foundation in the comprehensive development of the people of Santa Fe, Mexico

Legal advice, medical care and support for the all-round development of people through actions that improve their quality of life and provide them with skills, aptitudes and values

The MAPFRE-Panamerican University Commmunity project runs a center which carries out 14,550 assistance services a year

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Current Project

The beneficiaries of this project are children, young people and adults living in the 1 kilometre catchment area around the town of Santa Fe. The 18 communities targeted by the project live in overcrowded conditions with no recreational spaces, a lack of educational opportunities and significant nutritional deficits. In addition, there is a generalised atmosphere of violence that leads to a high propensity for undesirable habits and addictions among young people.

There are so many aspects to be addressed that the nerve centre of the project is a Community Centre, which runs the MAPFRE Community project, offering comprehensive care with health services, psychological, nutritional, and legal advice, support for education and other aspects of development, including those related to human welfare, values and recreational activities.

In terms of health promotion and care, we offer general medical consultations, nursing, nutritional advice, workshops and health campaigns, gynaecological consultations, a pharmacy service, a laboratory, psychological and psychiatric services, group therapies and dental consultations.

Legal advice and assistance in litigation and mediation services are offered through the free legal office.

To promote the development of people through actions that allow them to improve their quality of life, we offer homework help, support classes, preparation for entry into secondary school, high school or university, trade workshops, as well as recreational and sporting activities. We also work towards making domestic work a profession.

We have been supporting this programme since 2015. It aims to restore the dignity of individuals and their abilities through education, health, nutrition, legal advice and comprehensive training in the town of Santa Fe.