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Learn about the projects and programs that Fundación MAPFRE has in Mexico

The United Mexican States, with its more than 120 million inhabitants, is the most populated Spanish-speaking country and one of the most linguistically diverse. Almost 300 languages are spoken throughout Mexico, of which 67 are recognized as official. The country is also the largest tourist power in Latin America and the second largest economic power after Brazil.

15 projects

Transforming childhood and adolescence in the Valle de Chalco

Current Project

It is possible to transform the social environment through education. With this key principle in mind, Mano Amiga de Chalco works on academic excellence and comprehensive training of children and young people in Chalco so that when they reach adulthood they can work for the common good and transform this valley.

Preventing children with cancer from dropping out of school in Mexico

Current Project

The MAPFRE – Nariz Roja school for children with cancer offers personalized education and nutrition to children with cancer from low income families so that they do not fall behind in their studies as a result of time spent in hospital and the effects of the disease.

Getting out of poverty in the Monte Albán community in Oaxaca

Current Project

In the Monte Albán community, in Oaxaca, there are no opportunities. Poverty plagues this community with high rates of marginalization and vulnerability. The association CESAL works to transform this reality with a comprehensive care program that promotes human development of children and young people, and their families.

A care center for the Santa Fe population

Current Project

The Santa Fe Community Center offers an impoverished population a comprehensive care facility where they can access services which would otherwise be impossible for them to find. The center provides wide-ranging support to this underprivileged population and gives them the chance to improve their living conditions.

UAPEP focuses on education to transform the future

Completed Project

The UPAEP (Popular Autonomous State University of Puebla in Mexico) provides scholarships and support for young people with dreams of social leadership to help them become agents of change in their communities.