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Getting out of poverty in the Monte Albán community in Oaxaca

The program Acompañando a una Generación (Accompanying a Generation) works to transform the entire community

Getting out of poverty in the Monte Albán community in Oaxaca

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Completed Project

In the province of Oaxaca, 62 out of every 100 people are in a situation of multidimensional poverty, that is, poverty that affects all levels of life. There are no opportunities and the population lacks resources and the rights that give access to physical, human and social capital.

The Monte Albán community is one of the poorest communities in Oaxaca. Here 30% of the population lacks resources, 26% in moderate poverty and 4.4% in extreme poverty. The lack of resources available to families, most of which have many members, has a negative impact on the development of children and young people, and the immediate consequence are problems such as malnutrition, school failure, drug consumption, joining street gangs and/or unwanted pregnancies.

The project Acompañando a una Generación (Accompanying a Generation), carried out by CESAL together with the Crecemos DIJO association, aims to boost the human development of children and families living in this community that has been badly struck by marginalizationvulnerability and poverty. This initiative benefits 150 children and young people from 6 months to 17 years of age.

The three lines of action of this comprehensive care program are:

  • Early child development. To enhance the physical and cognitive skills of children from 0 to 5 years old, activities such as early stimulation and psychomotricity skills are organized, and work is done with the mothers and fathers of the children to promote healthy habits.
  • Socio-educational. To stimulate the educational development of children and young people, activities such as creative writing and computer classes are proposed to enhance their learning and technological skills.
  • Nutrition. The aim of this program is to ensure a nutritious diet for children as well as to prevent and address problems of malnutrition and its consequences.

At the same time, work is being done with parents to ensure that the transformation also takes place within the family. Their involvement will change the reality of the entire community.