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New opportunities for students from vulnerable backgrounds

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Completed Project

Teach for America Massachusetts together with Fundación MAPFRE‘s support, offers students from vulnerable backgrounds new academic opportunities through expanding community schools.

TFA concentrate their efforts on finding, developing and supporting a leader’s network which, through education, broadens the opportunities of underprivileged children.

The focus of their work consists of three parts, firstly, finding leaders. The goal is to find people whose professional careers stand out and who have demonstrated their leadership skills and values. They should set a good example for the children both in and out of the classroom. This process, once the person is on board, begins with two years teaching in a public school where they will work with the children and families most affected by educational inequity.

In the second part, TFA develops and cultivates the leadership skills needed to bring about change through education. They train leaders who go beyond traditional expectations and help students to attain both academic and personal growth. They will optimize their schools and improve their outlook, knowledge and skills as educators, defenders and agents of change.

The third part deals with supporting individual and collective leadership, relationships and learning from each other. Their careers are honed with the passing of time, the students connect with each other and with opportunities that have a high individual impact in order to have a high collective impact.

Teach for America was founded in 1990 and works in schools throughout the United States. Since it began, they have formed a community of 53,000 leaders who have confirmed that education can indeed change lives.