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Learn about the projects and programs that Fundación MAPFRE has in the United States
With almost 10 million square kilometers and more than 320 million inhabitants, the United States is the fifth largest country in area and the third largest in population. Its gross domestic product, which is a quarter of the world’s GDP, makes it the undisputed economic, military, political and cultural hegemonic power. It is also one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse nations, the result of mass immigration throughout its history. Fundación MAPFRE also has a presence in the United States, helping to carry out projects in different states.

14 projects

Supporting young students up until graduation

Current Project

For a young person from a family without formal education or financial resources getting to university is practically impossible. The few that do manage it find it so difficult to adapt that the majority of them abandon their studies. Bottom Line supports 396 young people from their very first day at university until their graduation.

Access to employment for 175 students with disabilities

Current Project

The Best Buddies International Association has launched a preparatory job training program for students with special needs in which children from 14 to 22 years old with intellectual or physical disabilities can participate.

Learning to be future leaders in Seattle, USA

Current Project

Each year, four underprivileged Latin American and Caribbean students get the opportunity to improve their English and develop their leadership skills through theNPH Seattle Instituteprogram.

More than 7000 people receive the support of United Way in Massachusetts, USA

Current Project

Many citizens from the towns of Webster and Dudley are in need. The United Way organization involves the whole community in order to support their neighbors and help them escape from the difficult predicament in which they find themselves. Their goal is to create a community that cares for all its members so they can attain an acceptable standard of living.

Building community through sports

Current Project

The project is run by ENLACE, an academy within the Lawrence High School, which provides English language learning support. This program run by Fundación Real Madrid and Fundación MAPFRE is a purely sports-focused program, through basketball, which will help students to cooperate with each other, to improve their performance and awaken their interest in sports.

Fundación Real Madrid changes lives through sport

Completed Project

The Social Sports Schools project in the United States seeks, through sport, to train 120 children from 8 to 11 years old who are living at risk of social exclusion in Miami and Hialeah.

Bottom Line helps low-income college students

Completed Project

The Bottom Line Worcester Program and Operations project helps new college students with low-income, to adapt to the pace of college life and gives them the tools to develop their self confidence, thereby enabling them to successfully complete their studies.