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United Way of South Central Massachusetts addresses basic needs in the USA

Access to health care, education, programmes that promote financial stability and address the primary needs of the most vulnerable families

Psychological and educational support, financial aid and nutritional assistance for people in need

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Current Project

The YMCA. Through the Growing Stronger Together and Teen Program, this association aims to strengthen families by offering parenting workshops, food-related initiatives (Friday night dinners), educational classes and meals (monthly lunches), and fun activities for young people. In coordination with the Teens Program, Friday dinners are designed, packaged, and distributed to members of the community. The teens learn to plan, budget, and prepare these meals. Meanwhile, older adults, 65 and up, participate in activities both virtually and in person, with the aim of increasing their social interaction with peers and promoting health through nutrition and exercise as they age. The association also provides direct financial assistance to families who need to pay for childcare services and summer youth programs.

Boys and Girls Club provides needed after school and out of school time programs for youths aged 5 -18 year old.  Through the Project Learn program, the Club helps children overcome obstacles by tracking their schoolwork. Project Learn was launched by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in 1996. It uses high-performance learning activities that are designed to be very hands-on, educational and at the same time fun.

Tri-Valley, Inc. provides many services to elders and individuals who are homebound due to either temporary or permanent disability.  The organization seeks to improve and maintain the highest possible level of quality of life for these individuals so that they may live comfortably, with dignity and independence while avoiding or postponing the high personal or public cost of institutionalization. Through the Meals on Wheels program, nutritionally balanced meals have been successfully provided since 1977, with more than 200,000 meals being served each year. Meals on Wheels reaches out to individuals who are unable to prepare their own meals.