Fernando Mata Verdejo

Director of MAPFRE and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Fernando Mata Verdejo

Personal details:
Name and surnames: Fernando Mata Verdejo.
Date and place of birth: 21 March, 1961. Madrid.

Degree in Business. Specializing in Accounting and Audit. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Account Auditor.

Chief positions: 
Director of MAPFRE (since January 2017).
Chief Financial Officer (since January 2017).

Previous positions:
General Manager of the Corporate Strategy and Development Area (2015-2016).
Chief Risks Officer (2015-2016).
Deputy Manager of the Corporate Strategy and Development Area (2015).
Regional Finance and Resources Manager for MAPFRE IBERIA (2013 to 2015).
Deputy General Manager for Control and Support at MAPFRE Spain and Portugal (2011 to 2015).
Deputy General Manager. Control and Planning. MAPFRE FAMILIAR (2008-2011).
Manager of Risks and Management Control for MAPFRE SA (2003-2008).
Chief Financial Officer of MAPFRE PUERTO RICO and MAPFRE FLORIDA (1999-2002).
Internal Auditing Manager of MAPFRE AMÉRICA (1998-1999).
Auditor and consultant specialized in Insurance. Deloitte and KPMG (1985-1997).