Vision, Mission and Principles

A responsible commitment to society

Vision, Mission and Principles Vision, Mission and Principles

A global vision

  • As a Foundation we are an international point of reference for our commitment to people’s wellbeing and social progress.

Our Mission

  • We are MAPFRE’s nonprofit institution, and work to improve people’s quality of life and social progress through our multinational programs and activities.

Our guiding principles

  • Social Vocation
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Objective and professional selection of activities, avoiding conflicts of interest
  • International development
  • Transparent financing
  • Rigorous separation of foundational and corporate activities
  • Independence of each person, entity or power group
  • Transparent and socially committed ethical conduct

Our governing bodies are responsible for ensuring compliance with these Principles in compliance with the Statutes and the Regulations of the Board of Trustees and its delegated bodies from Fundación MAPFRE.