Semi-finalist projects in Europe

Innovative proposals for the well-being of society

Among the projects presented in Europe, Spain stands out as the absolute winner. The nine Spanish projects that will compete to win the semi-final combine entrepreneurship, technology and the desire to change the world. They are the representatives of a movement that is growing exponentially around the world.

These nine projects are one step away from reaching the final.A judging panel made up of experts in social entrepreneurship and the collaborative economy will be choosing the three best ones.

MiWEndo Solutions (Spain)


Category: Health improvement and digital technology (e-Health)

A medical accessory device to integrate microwave technologies with conventional colonoscopy, improving the prevention and diagnosis of colorectal cancer (CRC).

i4life (Spain)

I4LIFE (Spain) I4LIFE (Spain)

Category: Health improvement and digital technology (e-Health)

Intelligent device attached to a cane capable of emitting visual and haptic stimulation to help the user continue walking after a seizure, for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients, providing the user with confidence and independence.

Mijubil-acción (Spain)


Category: Insurance innovation

Virtual Assistant with Artificial Intelligence that creates awareness of the changes that occur after retirement and that seeks active, happy and supportive retirees and social organizations that benefit from their social volunteering through their senior talent.

AvalVida (Spain)


Category: Insurance innovation

Rental guarantee by which the tenant simply commits (guarantees) the value of his/her individual savings or rental insurance to the benefit of the owner (landlord) to secure the obligations of the rental contract.



Category: Insurance innovation

A solution that facilitates the access of dependent elderly people to a private residence or home assistance, providing the money they need from the rent of their house, generating income without selling it or endangering their property.

EGARA (Spain)

EGARA (Spain) EGARA (Spain)

Category: Sustainable mobility and road safety

Intelligent assistance handle, adaptable to all traditional canes for blind people, avoiding painful collisions with undetectable obstacles above waist height.



Category: Sustainable mobility and road safety

A vibrating platform for pedestrians located on the floor that is activated when stepped on and the traffic light is red for them, or in the absence of a traffic light, to signal the proximity of an approaching vehicle.

Liight App (Spain)


Category: Sustainable mobility and road safety

App that through gamification, smart city systems and the use of AI, promotes actions to motivate people to be more sustainable.