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It is more common than you would think and yet very few people know what to do if someone starts choking. Unfortunately, and however unlikely it may seem, over 2,000 people died in 2017 through accidents relating to certain items forming an obstruction. It is a fact that, occasionally, choking can result in someone going into cardiac arrest through lack of oxygen, making it impossible to breathe and causing death.

S.O.S Respira seeks to raise awareness among the largest possible number of people about the importance of preventing choking and how to act should it happen.

That is why we are relying on the collaboration some renowned ambassadors from the world of gastronomy such as Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, Mario Sandoval and Ángel León among others. They will help us to raise awareness of the importance of the S.O.S Respira campaign, and through it spread knowledge about what to do in the event of potential choking.

What is S.O.S. Respira?

Fundación MAPFRE, with the collaboration of the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (SEMES) and the Spanish Federation of Chefs and Confectioners (FACYRE) have created the S.O.S Respira campaign through which we train professionals using different activities, training sessions and simple techniques so that they know what to do if someone is choking .

Since the launch of the S.O.S Respira campaign, we have implemented different activities and training sessions and, of course, we will be continuing with them until this moment.

  • Visits to different hospitality industry and restaurant establishments in numerous Spanish cities: The objective of the S.O.S Respira campaign is 
  • to raise Spanish society's awareness of the problems presented bychoking, and to publicize and spread the word about how they can be avoided by following a set of very simple action guidelines. Who are the experts that will teach these action guidelines? Healthcare professionals, workers and technicians that have been trained by SEMES. During the exercises, the professionals will tell all of the establishment's staff attending about the objectives of the S.O.S Respira campaign.
  • Training courses for associations and schools in the hospitality industry sphere: The S.O.S Respira campaign provides the opportunity to train any current or future trade professional from the world of hospitality and restaurants with the aim of acquiring the basic knowledge required to know what action to take in the event of choking. This knowledge will be acquired through different training courses organized regularly in specific locations and cities throughout Spain.
  • Agreements with major renowned hospitality industry and restaurant chains: In order to gain visibility and increase the reach of the S.O.S Respira campaign, people need to know about it. That is the reason why it is important to establish collaboration agreements with companies in the sector to train staff and spread the word about the S.O.S Respira campaign.
  • Spreading the word about the S.O.S Respira campaign: In parallel with the numerous activities and events due to take place in different Michelin star restaurants in Spain's major cities, we will also organize specific presentations and events to spread knowledge about the S.O.S. Respira campaign. We want to get the word out and expand on all of the solutions offered by the S.O.S. Respira campaign among all of the companies involved in the hospitality and restaurant sector.

Discover all the advice and techniques on the S.O.S Respira App

The campaign is complemented by the free S.O.S. Respira app which offers detailed explanations using video–tutorials given by professionals, measures to prevent people from choking and the techniques required to take immediate action.

The app addresses all cases of airway obstruction and puts special emphasis on infants and the specific maneuvers to use, for example, in the case of pregnant women or overweight people.

For more serious cases, the app indicates how to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuver that could save a life.

In particular, we concentrate on two simple and useful techniquesso people know what action to take if someone is choking, and they are aimed particularly at hospitality industry and restaurant associations. The Heimlich maneuver and the CPR technique – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation are the two basic techniques that can save a life in just a few short seconds.