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Berenice Abbott. Portraits of Modernity

Berenice Abbott. Portraits of Modernity

The American photographer Berenice Abbott's photography work captivates us with its bold gaze. Her modern portraits of the most avant-garde artists and intellectuals of the time and her breathtaking views of New York City are brought together in this catalog published by Fundación MAPFRE: The publication is available in Spanish, Catalan and English and includes texts by Estrella de Diego, the curator of Architecture, Design and Photography at the MIT Museum, Gary Van Zante, and the New York-based novelist Cara Hoffman.

2019 economic and industry outlook: third quarter perspectives

2019 economic and industry outlook: third quarter perspectives

The report highlights the unequivocal signs of change in the economic cycle, the shift in global monetary policy, and its effect on flows, emerging currencies and exchange rates. The base scenario has slightly stressed from the effects of the trade war, but projected growth for 2019 overall continues to pivot around the global potential (3.3 percent). Likewise, the report highlights that the slowdown in global economic activity will wind up transferring to the insurance premium dynamic. More accommodating monetary policy measures could soften the impact on the insurance business, although they will negatively affect the Life savings and Annuities products.

This report aims to provide a perspective on the performance of the Spanish insurance industry in 2018

The Spanish Insurance Market in 2018

This report aims to provide a perspective on the performance of the Spanish insurance industry in 2018, looking at its structure and concentration, as well as provide a review of the performance of the most relevant lines of business. Additionally, the report shows the main structural trends of the Spanish insurance market, which includes behavior of insurance penetration, density and depth over the course of the last decade, and gives an updated estimate of the Insurance Protection Gap. Finally, the study offers information regarding the behavior of solvency capital requirements, own funds and ratios, for a representative selection of insurance entities in this market.

Population Aging

Population Aging

The report offers a reflection on the impact on the economy and on social security as a result of the aging of the population, proposing that the rising age of the population could be one of the factors behind the trend toward greater financial interdependence, secular stagnation, and economic inequality. Likewise, the study takes on the primary effects of the demographic transition on the maintenance of the health and pension systems.

Webinar. Health Systems: a global analysis

Health systems: a global analysis

This study analyzes a selection of health systems in different regions of the world, including models that incorporate some feature differentiating them from the others and that can be used as a reference when designing public policies related to healthcare systems. It also proposes an indicator of the effectiveness of health systems, which has been estimated for a total of 180 countries and makes it possible to obtain a comparative global view of those systems.