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Memory A challenge A hope

A challenge, a hope

In the Memory A challenge A hope, we have compiled the actions we organized and continue to develop in 27 countries since the pandemic was declared. Over these months we have designed a set of initiatives to protect those who fight on the front line and the most vulnerable groups. Our efforts have focused on three lines of action, donating five million euros to the research team of the Spanish National Research Council, twenty million euros to purchase healthcare material and protection equipment against the coronavirus, and ten million euros to meet healthcare needs. This article compiles the details of our actions. Behind each of them, in addition to the donations, lies the collective effort of all the people who make up Fundación MAPFRE.

The Spanish Insurance Market report aims to provide a panoramic of the sector’s performance in 2019

The Spanish Insurance Market in 2019

This edition of The Spanish Insurance Market report aims to provide a panoramic of the sector’s performance in 2019. To this end, the analysis looks at the structure and concentration of the sector, and the performance of the main lines of business. Further, this report provides a review of the market’s key structural trends (penetration, density and depth) in the 2009-2019 period, as well as an update of the Insurance Protection Gap estimates for the Spanish market. Finally, as in previous editions, this report provides information regarding the behavior of capital requirements, own funds and solvency ratios for a representative set of insurance entities.

2019 Ranking of Insurance Groups in Latin America

2019 Ranking of Insurance Groups in Latin America

As in previous editions, this ranking classifies the main insurance groups operating in Latin America by premium volume, considering the total market as well as Life and Non-Life segments. This report provides a dynamic vision of said insurance groups’ growth, differentiating between structural trends (2009-2019) and conjectural situations related to annual performance (2018-2019). In addition, the last part of the report presents an analysis of the Latin American insurance sector’s concentration, including a review of these insurance groups’ contribution to industry concentration levels in the region.

Population Aging

Population Aging

The report offers a reflection on the impact on the economy and on social security as a result of the aging of the population, proposing that the rising age of the population could be one of the factors behind the trend toward greater financial interdependence, secular stagnation, and economic inequality. Likewise, the study takes on the primary effects of the demographic transition on the maintenance of the health and pension systems.

Webinar. Health Systems: a global analysis

Health systems: a global analysis

This study analyzes a selection of health systems in different regions of the world, including models that incorporate some feature differentiating them from the others and that can be used as a reference when designing public policies related to healthcare systems. It also proposes an indicator of the effectiveness of health systems, which has been estimated for a total of 180 countries and makes it possible to obtain a comparative global view of those systems.