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Panorama económico y sectorial 2017: perspectivas hacia el cuarto trimestre

Economic and industry outlook 2017: fourth quarter outlook

In this report, MAPFRE Economic Research revises the perspectives for the global economy and its implications for the insurance sector from 2017 Q4 onwards. The research is updated with the plausible scenarios that could arise amidst the context of economic vulnerabilities and looming risks. It will also disentangle the effects that the expected macroeconomic and financial dynamics may have on the insurance sector. The report devotes an additional effort to explaining the consequences of the gradual monetary normalization and the effects of liquidity removal for the system as a whole.

Hell According to Rodin

Hell According to Rodin

The exhibition catalog, in which all of the work on show is reproduced, includes six articles about the artistic and historical context in which Rodin conceived and developed The Gates of Hell, the influence of The Gates on contemporary art and the links with The Flowers of Evil by Baudelaire along with other topics connected to this icon of 20th century art.