Awards for Social Innovation semi-finalist projects

26 projects bursting with talent, huge transformative potential and a powerful social impact

26 projects bursting with talent, huge transformative potential and a powerful social impact

After having sifted through over 230 social innovation projects hailing from 26 countries, the 26 most innovative initiatives which offer the best solutions to real problems afflicting our society have been chosen to go on to the semi-finals. The projects will compete in the three semi-finals, which will be held in Mexico CitySão Paulo and Madrid, in order to be chosen for the grand final in Madrid this upcoming October.

The sheer scale of the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation can clearly be seen in this second edition of the awards. The huge number of proposals we have received, the transformative capacity of the initiatives chosen and the important social impact they hope to have are clear evidence of this now unstoppable process; social innovation has firmly established itself as a response to emerging needs in society.

The various nationalities of the projects chosen also underscores the global reach of these awards. The initiatives selected come from 11 different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, Guatemala, Luxembourg, Mexico, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

In order to select the finalists for each regional semi-final we have a judging panel in each region, comprised of professionals whose experience guarantees that the projects chosen will have the greatest potential for social impact and are the most viable from a technicalfinancial and organizational perspective.

Meet the semi-finalists and the experts who are going to choose the best projects from among them. We introduce you to them below.

The chosen projects, which combine technology and social and environmental awareness, will take part in the semi-final for each region, according to their country of origin, and in the category in which their project was submitted: healthinsurancesustainable mobility and road safety.

Out of these 26 projects, only nine will be lucky enough to reach the grand final which will be held in October in Madrid. Let the competition begin!