The third edition of our awards reaches its decisive moment

On the 29th of October our Grand Final ceremony took place. Meet the winners.

Although the grand final took place behind closed doors due to current circumstances, thanks to technology we have been able to share once again the superb work undertaken by the social entrepreneurs who have been finalists in this 3rd edition and we have shared the journey with those who have followed us on streaming to experience the excitement of this ceremony.

The members of the winning projects have, throughout this adventure which started for them in November 2019, developed and created ties that extend beyond their countries’ borders and have reinforced their commitment to social innovation and their focus on making thee world a better place. Today, all of them have given a new dimesion to their initiatives and objectives.

The jury, a group of professional experts selected for their business experience and their knowledge of the new economy, has had to choose from among the nine finalists.A difficult choice due to the high level of the projects in their ability to have an impact on their surroundings and on the possibility of their fulfillment.

All of the projects in the final deserve our appreciation but the contest rules state that only three can be chosen, one in each category. Here are the three winning projects.

Health improvement and digital technology (e-Health)

Category: Health improvement and digital technology (e-Health)

Early detection of the human papilloma virus, which causes cervical cancer, can save many lives. It is a simple and low-cost self-test kit that detects the presence of the virus quickly and reliably.

Insurance innovation

Category: Insurance innovation

Many older people who can no longer live alone and need a private residence or home care, cannot afford it. Pensium is a new solution that allows you to afford the expenses by anticipating future rentals of your home, without losing your property and without mortgages.

Sustainable mobility and road safety

Category: Sustainable mobility and road safety

For people with disabilities and limited mobility, knowing the accessibility of the places they are traveling to is a great help. This collaborative mobile accessibility guide can be powered from anywhere in the world.