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Robert Adams, Diane Arbus, Harry Callahan, Joan Colom, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander, Alberto García-Alix, Cristina García Rodero, Emmet Gowin, John Gutmann, Jitka Hanzlová, Graciela Iturbide, Richard Learoyd, Helen Levitt, Anna Malagrida, Fernando Maquieira, Lisette Model, Fazal Sheikh, Dayanita Singh, Paul Strand and Garry Winogrand are the artists you will find here. Without wishing to impart a historical or encyclopedic lesson, the show travels back and forth in time and space acknowledging influences and pointing out parallels between artists in a timescale that spans from 1916 up to 2013. 

The selection on show is far removed from traditional historical portraits due to its artistic intentionality and aesthetic aspect. We present a wide-ranging interpretation of the portrait. Thus, some street scenes are included, as fleeting as real life itself, in a scenario in which most of the subjects photographed are oblivious to the camera. We will, in the same manner, enter into the intimacy of the family; we will be there in the artist’s studio; we will witness the vindication of human rights, as well as the artist’s own self-exploration in the form of self-portraits. Time and memory, concepts that constantly permeate photography, achieve their maximum level of expression in these portraits. 

A collection is always a vehicle for reflecting human creativity; and so a collection such as this one, that covers an entire creative century, provides the perfect means to reflect this extraordinary contemporary adventure in all its diversity and complexity. 

The course of the 20th century was an genuine challenge for photographers who, through their work, were able to view the world in a different way, going beyond their contemporaries and looking to the future to inspire coming generations.