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For healthier, more sustainable and safer cities

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Road Safety

Today, cities aspire to be more livable and they want their streets to become a place where you can play, spend time and enjoy yourself. To make this possible, for years governments, administrations and associations that ensure the safety of the public have been joining forces to implement proposals that are transforming our cities.

In this vein, in 2021, as part of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week, the United Nations General Assembly launched the Streetsforlife campaign which, under the hashtag #Love30, was part of a movement to raise awareness among political leaders of the need to improve the quality of life in cities.

Fundación MAPFRE took part in this campaign to emphasize the need to establish a general speed limit of 30 km/h in cities, a safe speed that enables public roads to be shared without risk, and which is aimed at putting an end to the 1,300,000+ annual deaths due to traffic accidents worldwide, including 25,000+ fatalities in Europe and 2,000+ in Spain.

The launch of this initiative coincided with the entry into force in Spain, in May 2021, of a new speed limit regulation that established, among other measures, a maximum speed of 30 km/h in most of the streets of our cities.

Our society’s commitment to road safety made it possible to achieve this dream for our cities. The issue affects all of us and we must work towards acheiving this goal. Together we can do it.