Road safety education to save lives

We celebrate a day focused on our goal of zero victims

We celebrate a day focused on our goal of zero victims

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Road Safety

The incorporation of road safety education into the school curriculum can unquestionably mark a turning point in road safety. In Spain, its recent inclusion in the classroom as a core subject from primary school onwards is intended to ensure that, while at school, children and young people acquire knowledge and a series of skills that they must put into practice every day to achieve the hoped-for Goal Zero: a 50% reduction in road traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030.  

With the aim of identifying improvement opportunities aimed at achieving safe, healthy and sustainable mobility, professional experts from academia, national and international institutions, and civil society met at the Road Safety Education for Goal Zero and a Safe System conference organized by Fundación MAPFRE, at the Congress of Deputies in Madrid, to focus on the role of education in all sectors of our society and, in particular, in the field of mobility.

In his speech, the president of Fundación MAPFRE, Antonio Huertas, highlighted how “We have clear opportunities to achieve #GoalZero, let’s not waste them despite the wind not always blowing in our favor”. In the words of Julio Domingo, CEO of Fundación MAPFRE, “If anything characterizes those of us who work on the prevention of unintentional injuries, it is a focus on education to prevent and innovation to improve. This international conference combines both dimensions, educational and innovative.”

This international conference was attended by many other prominent figures, such as the 2nd vice-president of the Congress, Ana Pastor; the president of the Road Safety Commission from the House of Representatives, Teodoro García Egea; and the MEP Elena Kountoura.