The art of Flamenco merges with the works of Gasparini and Perez Siquier

The dancer Paco Hidalgo presents choreography inspired by the exhibitions of these two seminal photographers

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A man dances in a room. Alone, absorbed, focused. His gaze flits across the photographs hanging on the walls, his body moves with them.

The girl from the salt mine crouches on a beach, a man drives a car down a street in Venezuela, and mothers carrying children on their backs walk up to a market in Peru. In view of them all, Paco Hidalgo interprets the social tensions and transformations reflected in the photographs of Paolo Gasparini.

Meanwhile, a tourist sunbathes in Marbella and some women haul a closet about. The dancer from Cadiz also breathes life into the imperfect bodies in the photographs by Pérez Siquier, fusing them with his own anatomy, emphasizing the folds, the movement, the naturalness that comes from within…

Hidalgo seeks beauty in simplicity and in this case he finds it by fleeing from the noise that prevents listening. That is why the melody of his own body becomes the soundtrack of this piece impregnated with its essence.

Samuel Beckett said “Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order”. Taking the premise of the Irish playwright and novelist to heart, Paco stands eye to eye with the faces and stories of the complex, harsh reality of Latin America and the border and peripheral context of a Spain in transformation. The dancer’s reactions are transfigured in dance.

This piece is part of the Art in Digital program through which Fundación MAPFRE collaborates with creators from different disciplines who interpret our exhibitions from their personal points of view. This action goes beyond merely bringing the content to people who cannot visit the exhibitions because they are in other cities; it is transcendent, becoming a work of art in itself, born from a personal encounter with the work of other artists.

Art that inspires art. Emotions that multiply. Feel them.