Wash your hands without damaging your skin

Useful tips for protecting your skin from the frequent use of soap and hand sanitizer gels

Useful tips for protecting your skin from the frequent use of soap and hand sanitizer gels

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When you stop to think about how many times you wash your hands every day, you might be surprised. Ever since the COVID-19 crisis started, hand hygiene and hand washing have proved to be one of the best preventive measures to stop the spread of viruses in general and the coronavirus in particular. The result is that we have incorporated the continuous use of soap and hand sanitizer gels into our daily lives.

However, dermatologists are warning that excessive hand washing can have negative effects. The skin is a very delicate organ and if we overuse cleansing agents and don’t take care of it properly it can damage the skin’s pH and lead to irritations and rashes.

To help you continue to follow preventive measures against the coronavirus without damaging your hands, we offer the following useful tips:

  • Hand sanitizer gel should always be your second option. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the main and most effective way of eliminating viruses is washing the hands with soap and water, and only if this option is not available should you use hand sanitizer gels, which contain 60-70% alcohol. You should be aware that excessive use of these gels can cause the skin to build up a resistance and they can end up not being as effective as they should be.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel is flammable. As hand sanitizer gels have a very high alcohol content they are highly flammable, so it is important that you keep them away from all sources of ignition, such as kitchens, and store them away from direct heat, especially in summer. It is also important not to light a cigarette shortly after applying hand sanitizer gel as you could sustain burns, so always wait a few moments to let your hands dry properly.
  • Use moisturizing cream with a high sun protection factor. To prevent your hands from drying out and developing irritations, after washing your hands or using gel make sure you apply a moisturizing cream. Right now, in summer, it is especially important to apply a cream with a high sun protection factor to your hands as we tend to forget about protecting this part of our bodies.
  • Use a mild soap. We recommend you use unperfumed, tar-free soaps. They should be mild soaps that are gentle on the skin.
  • Rinse your hands properly. Hold your hands under a running tap of warm water and make sure every last bit of soap has been rinsed off..
  • Dry your hands thoroughly after washing. Experts insist on the importance of drying your hands thoroughly with a clean towel without rubbing them too much.
  • Wash your hands for at least 40 seconds and use the right technique. This infographic shows the steps to follow to clean and disinfect your hands correctly.

Take preventive measures and look after yourself.

Never forget that the most important thing is your health.