Keep the coronavirus in check

Here we tell you how to clean thoroughly and safely

Here we tell you how to clean thoroughly and safely

We know that the coronavirus is transmitted between people through the little droplets that we expel when we talk, cough or sneeze. When they fall on a surface or an object, they can survive for some time. Here are some simple tips for effective and safe cleaning:

  1. Household bleach is the most effective product we can use to disinfect surfaces at home.
  2. Dilute the bleach in a ratio of 1:50 (200 ml of product in 10 liters of water). Prepare the mix the same day you’re going to use it.
  3. You don’t have to use hot water, cold water is just as effective and you will prevent some of the bleach from evaporating. Always use gloves.
  4. Do not mix bleach with other products such as ammonia, alcohol or vinegar, as this may generate toxic gases.
  5. Open your windows completely to let in fresh air while disinfecting.
  6. Use it on surfaces that are frequently touched: tables and chairs, desks, bedside tables, bedroom furniture, work tables, door knobs, bathroom and toilet surfaces and taps.
  7. Personal items (glasses, keys, mobile phone, etc.) are best disinfected with 70º alcohol.
  8. As always, separate and recycle household waste according to your local council rules.

Access this link to read about other disinfection products authorized in Spain. If you have any doubts or in an emergency situation you can contact the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences: 91 562 04 20

These tips will make your home a safer place. Follow them.