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Financial education for managing our finances

Financial education for managing our finances

Financial terms are becoming an increasingly common part of our daily lives. If we go to the bank we will hear about interest rates, if we want to buy a house the Euribor will become a regular topic of conversation, and if we think about the future, we will be faced with pension plans and other savings products.

In this scenario, Financial Education becomes an essential tool to help us plan our finances. Acquiring financial knowledge will increase our security and help us to make the best decisions possible.

Our aim is to teach young people the basic concepts of economics, so that they learn to think ahead and plan their finances. The game will help them to acquire basic knowledge that will allow them, in the not-so-distant future, to take charge of their own economy, protecting their pocket.

Have fun working in an insurance company, compete and learn

Make decisions and simulate their impact on the market share, results and solvency of an insurance company. Learn about insurance in a fun way through bugaMAP, the MAPFRE business game, a strategy game applied to the insurance market. Are you ready?

Learning to save is also fun. Play, learn, win!!

If you like Monopoly, you’ll love PlayPension. This online team simulation game brings students into contact with the reality they will encounter as adults. Organize the class into various teams, log in to PlayPension and start playing!