Business strategy game (bugaMAP)

Have fun working in an insurance company, compete and learn

Simulation, strategy, team play and competition: these are the features that make bugaMAP, MAPFRE’s business game, an essential tool to help university students learn how to navigate the world of work.

Would you like to join in with your students?

Simulation games have radically changed the world of work experience for students, and in the field of insurance, the star of this new way of learning is called bugaMAP.

We suggest that you use this roleplay to encourage your students to work as they would in the real world, but in a simulated context. This technique stimulates and motivates the learner and integrates them into a team similar to the one they might find in an insurance company. The teams will have to make strategic decisions to improve their company’s results. Consensual decisions and the ability to analyze the economic variables of the company will be the keys to success.

This game allows university students to experience what the world of insurance is like without worrying about the consequences that could occur in real life, as a result of mistakes, which are an inherent part of the learning process.

Every year we organize several inter-university championships in different autonomous communities.

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